Seaside's Zoe-Jones "Zoe" 

DOB: 10/09/2015

Clooney X Lolli




DOB: 12/01/2015 

 Clooney X Hannah


Owned by: Zane Jones
Trained by: Will Price 




Seaside's Gorgeous George "Clooney" X Outlaw Mischief Maker "Shyla" 

DOB: 12/19/2015 






 George made his debut in The Retriever News at 4.5 Months.  

Recently, he celebrated his 1st birthday and visited the Budweiser Clydesdales!

He is owned by Eddie Dunford.



 Seaside's Bubba Watson "Watson" 

DOB: 01/04/2016

Seaside's Gorgeous George "Clooney" X Silver Star's Cowgirl "Dallas"


 Watson is owned by Jo Driver


 Seaside's Mogan David "Mogan"

Seaside's Gorgeous George "Clooney" X Lil Bit of Bailee "Lily"

DOB: 05/09/2016




Mogan - 9 Weeks Old 



Mogan approximately 4 Months Old 

 Mogan is owned by Rodger Williams




 Seaside's Gorgeous George X Ms Annabelle of Green Acres

DOB: 07/30/2016


Seaside's Blue Wing "Teal"                                         Seaside's Disco Pete "Pete" 



Seaside's Gorgeous George X Seaside's California Chrome

DOB: 03/31/2017


Seaside's Mojo Moxy "Boots                                          Seaside's Daisy Duke "Daisy" 

Owned by: Rita and Frank Jones                                          Owned by: Pat Jones             



She Sells Seashells by the Seaside "Shelly"                           Seaside's Tornado Warning "Windy"       

Owned by: Shelby Songy                                                Owned by: Jerry Balbonni   








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