FC Seaside's Gorgeous George "Clooney"

DOB:  05/20/2013

Open WIN and Titled at 3 years of age

Qualifying Win in first trial run.

75 Derby points 

10 Derby Wins (5 in a row)

OFA Hips Excellent (LR-215176E24M-VPI)

OFA Elbows Normal (LR-EL68276M24-VPI)

OFA Cardiac Normal (LR-ACA663/55M-VPI)

OFA Eye Cerf Clear (LR-EYE8478/55M-PI)

CNM Clear  (DDC 98108/54321)

EIC Clear (DDC 98108/54320)


Clooney is 82 pounds of muscle, power and courage with the disposition of a southern gentleman. So easy to run, even a girl can do it.


Line bred Lottie and Lean Mac.  


In all age training with Alan Pleasant. 

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Seaside's Pompano Jack


DOB: 04/12/2015


OFA Hips Excellent

OFA Elbows Normal

CNM Clear 

EIC Clear

Yellow Factored


41 Derby points

Derby 3rd and Qualifying WIN same weekend!  

In all age training with Alan Pleasant.


Line bred Cosmo.




View Pedigree: http://huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=103193 




Seaside's Thomas the tank ii


DOB: 01/16/2016 


CNM Clear

EIC Clear



In training with Jason Baker.


Line bred Carbon.




View Pedigree: http://huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=108160 



SEASIDE'S disco pete


DOB: 07/30/2016 


CNM Clear

EIC Clear



In training with Jason Baker.


Line bred Chopper.




View Pedigree: http://huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=110693








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