Seaside's Gorgeous George X Riley Creek Troublesome Eye Candy


            Seaside's Zoe-Jones "Zoe"                                           FC Glenhoma's Soggy Bottoms Mildred "Millie"

       NDL                                                                                         Am WIN, Open WINS 


 Owned by Byron and Ranah                                                       Owned by Richard Davis    



Seaside's Gorgeous George "Clooney" X Outlaw Mischief Maker "Shyla" 



Owned by Eddie Dunford


 Seaside's General Lee "Watson" NDL, MH

Seaside's Gorgeous George "Clooney" X Silver Star's Cowgirl "Dallas"


 Watson is owned by Jo Driver



  Seaside's Gorgeous George X Ms Annabelle of Green Acres


           Seaside's Disco Pete "Pete" NDL                        Seaside's Charming Pirate "Johnny" NDL, QAA



      Owned by Mike Barrow                                                                   Owned by Darlene Sullivan



Goose Down's Lethal Mark "Sniper" NDL, Open WIN

 Seaside's Gorgeous George X Ms Annabelle of Green Acres




Owned by Liz Paape 


Seaside's Gorgeous George X Seaside's California Chrome - 2017


Seaside's Mojo Moxy "Boots", NDL, QAA                               Seaside's Daisy Duke "Daisy", NDL, QAA 

       Owned by Kathy Vignos                                                       Owned by Terry Forward             



     She Sells Seashells by the Seaside "Shelly"                      Hostess City's Seaside Tornado Warning "Windy" 

        NDL, AA placements                                                              NDL, Open Win                

Owned by Shelby Songy                                                    Owned by Gregg Leonard



Seasides Troublesome Fowl Pursuit "Percy"                           Seaside's Way Over the Stars "Marcus"

 NDL, QAA                                                                                      NDL, QAA

  Owned by John Broucek                                                              Owned by Sue Reynolds



NRDC Seaside's Got To Get Up and Try "Pink"


Owned by Mark Medford 

 St. Rex's She Ain't Just Whistlin Dixie "Dixie", QAA

Clooney X Rose 


 Owned by Brian Rex


 Seaside's Gorgeous George X Reedcreek's Center Cut


FC AFC Seaside's Smarty Jones "Smarty"                                     FC The Dark Web "Hacker"         

NDL, Am Wins, Open Wins                                                               NDL, Open Win         

           Owned by Derek Smith                                                           Owned by Sue Westlake          



Reedcreek's Prime Cut "Cutter" NDL, QAA 


Owned by Ann Hussa 


  Seaside's Gorgeous George X Tremblin' Earth's Touch of Chocolate Reese


        Red Squad's Three Hits Deep "Piper"                           Timberponds Gonna Be Our Last Chance "Chance"

NDL, AA Placements                                                                        NDL, AA Placements   

Owned by Johnny Armstrong                                                                 Owned by Greg Lee           





High Hopes Feelin' Groovy "Rita", Derby Win, QAA

Clooney X Hannah 



 Owned by Sue Jacobson and Steve Laseter


 Oldsquaw's Saint Jude "Jude", NDL, QAA

 Seaside's Gorgeous George X Seaside's Shaqadellic


 Owned by Colleen DuBerger


Seaside's Gorgeous George X Seaside's California Chrome - 2019


Laird's Cynful Seaside Dream "Lottie"                                 Clooney's Seaside Apostle "Creed"

Derby Win, Q 4th at 20 Months                                           4 Wins, 24 points at 20 Months


          Owned by Chris Parkinson                                               Owned by Mike & Cheryl Robicheaux 


Dead Duck Down "Daisy", NDL, QAA, Am WIN

Seaside's Gorgeous George X Indi's L7 Nellie


Owned by Steve Graafstra 



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